Termite Inspection:  This is an inspection for termite activity, damage and factors making the structure attractive to termites.

Annual Inspections

  • Pre-Termite Treatment
  • Post-Termite Treatment

If you choose LOWE™ Lawn & Pest Control to take care of your needs, then we offer:

Post Termite Treatment Annual Renewals:  
  • Chemical Treatments
  • Baiting Systems

Termite Treatment Annual Renewals:  
  • Re-treatment Warranty
  • Damage Warranty

Termite Letter:  This is a letter that is required by Lending Institutions. Usually notification of the need for a Termite Letter comes from the Real Estate Company.

Who needs a Termite Letter?
  • Real Estate Sales - Anyone selling a home or business where it is required by the lending company.
  • Home Refinancing - Anyone refinancing a mortgage where it is required by the lending company.
Featured Termiticide:  Termidor, Talstar, Premise, Bora-Care   (We can use any product sold & licensed in the state of Tennessee.)

Correction of Conducive Conditions:
  • Foundation vents installed (passive or active)
  • Moisture barriers
  • Vegatation reduction or removal
  • Build properly located firewood storage systems